discover your true self

May 13th -17th

Can You Keep A Secret? 

I had a dream about you last night...


I saw the future, next level version of you.


Yes, YOU!


You were vibrating on such a high frequency,


It was as if you were a magnet and all your desires were flying towards you.


You were smiling, radiating joy.


Awakened to your true self, you were vibrating with certainty as you lived out your deepest desires.


Yup, YOU!!

I know this may be hard to believe when you're...

  •  Struggling to discipline your thoughts

  •  Still waiting for things to manifest…

  • Not even sure if you’re doing it right

Beautiful, take a step back for a second and


allow me to sing you a song?


"There's a universe inside of you.


If I color you with all my thoughts

Would you lose your fears of being lost

I bet you never even knew

I see the universe inside of you"

(Alina Baraz - “Can I”)




You see, I see the TRUE you.


It’s simply a matter of changing your thoughts and paradigm for you to Awaken to this truth.


Will you let me show you how?


How to gain the understanding of the true power that lies within you.


You see, we all know where we want to go, but sometimes we need a guide along the journey.


I’m not enlightening you to anything your soul doesn’t already know.


I’m simply holding your hand as we walk together to the mirror of truth...


So you can discover for yourself the power that lies within.


The universe makes no mistakes, the fact that you are here means you are ready to Awaken.


  •  Are you ready to gain an understanding of how the Universe and you co-create to manifest the life you desire!?


  •  Do you desire to manifest with ease and believe in your ability to effortlessly manifest?


Enroll Now, I’d be honored to be your guide as you Awaken to your

unlimited power to Have, Do and Be anything you desire!

awaken now cta.jpg
Your Manifestation Coach,

I almost forgot! Allow me to reintroduce myself.


My name is Shakira Maria and I am living out my soul mission to empower you to reach your highest potential.


I have been LIVING, yes living, the Law of Attraction for over 10 years now.


I am a self proclaimed Master Manifestor


“I want it, I got it”  Ariana Grande voice.


What was the last thing I manifested?


You reading this message! Told you I’m good.😉

But seriously, I’ve been able to manifest the life of my dreams and it just keeps getting better and better!


From designer bags, to trips, divine opportunities, even my twin flame!


I’ve been able to effortlessly manifest it all.

Now it's your turn to Awaken to your greatest power!

awaken now cta.jpg


  • Manifest with Confidence: Leave the confusion, doubt and worry when it comes to manifesting behind.

  • Raise your Vibration: Become a vibrational match to your desires and have it last long after the 5-days.

  • Raise your Level of Consciousness: As my coach Bob Proctor says: you raise your level of consciousness by raising your level of understanding. Prepare to Awaken.

DAY 1: The Beginning of Creation

  • This is where the MAGIC HAPPENS, the first step of manifesting what you want.

  • Get ready to EXPAND your vision far beyond any goals you have previously set!

  • Don’t worry! I will be showing you the strategies and processes I use to over come fear and doubt when setting “BIG” goals.

DAY 2: The Real Reality

  • Energy, Vibration, Frequency: These words are often thrown around, but let’s dive deeper and UNCOVER THE TRUTH about the “reality” we live in. 

  • Begin to see the world around you with your THIRD EYE!

  • Ready to learn how to CHANGE the reality around you?

DAY 3: Let's Unpack Your Mind

  • Understand why you are the way you are and can't kick the limiting habits. 

  • Most importantly, the PROVEN technique and process of how to change it!

  • I share the DEEP ENERGETIC strategies I uses to alter my reality.

DAY 4: Reintroducing Your True Self

  • Time to TAP INTO the infinite power within you.

  • Learn how to reset and REPROGRAM the part of you that controls your reality!

  • Ready to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and your ability to manifest!?

DAY 5: Life Awakened!

  • Don’t worry, I don’t leave you hanging.

  • Let’s talk integration and moving forward AWAKENED!

  •  We go over steps to use this information to make a LASTING SHIFT in your life.

awaken now cta.jpg



    • Go deeper than you’ve ever gone before with this life changing information.



    • Gain an insightful understanding by listening and having your questions answered live.  



    • Awakening with the support of many like-minded, high vibe individuals!


    • Designed to bring you into harmony and alignment with your true self.



    • Shakira covers tools and techniques that can be applied to all aspects of life. (Money, Relationships, Confidence, Mood, etc)



    • Have the ability to re-listen and enjoy this content at your leisure.

awaken now cta.jpg



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"I'm all in! What happens next?"

Welcome to The 5-Day Awakening!

You will receive an email each day of the course with the private access link to the live webinars beginning Sunday, May 12th.

(24-48 hours after each live the replay will be available)


I will be available after every live and in our private Facebook group to answer your questions.


The entire course will take place over 5 days [May 13th- May 17th] but feel free to go at your own pace. You will have access to this content for one calinder year.


My team will be available for you throughout the process.


Once you are all registered you will receive a welcome email, if you don’t receive it within 30 minutes please email


Can’t wait to see you on the other side!

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